Welcome to Microdots, the only TFL listed fanlisting dedicated to Deliverance Episode 10, season 2 of NCIS: Los Angeles. This fanlisting is owned and mantained by Laura. Feel free to read about the episode and why I choose this title for the site here.

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Listing Admin

Written On: December 16, 2012

All episode fanlistings are with Listing Admin now. Wow I do have a lot (and I refrain myself for asking for more because I do have an episode peeve when I love a tv show).


Written On: April 7, 2011

Added some banners (the ones I make for eiencafe.com and I post on tumblr, so you may have already seen these). Soon I'll add icons to some of my fanlistings. I just need to finish re-coding stuff...

5 done, 1 to go...

Written On: January 19, 2011

Here my new fanlist, it's about Deliverance. This episode was a turning point for me. I went to just watch NCIS: Los Angeles to super loving it... and yes, I became obsessed... After this episode I watched again all season 1 and the previous 9 episodes of season 2 (before this, I've only watched each episode once), so this fanlist is pretty dear to me ;)

And I updated the Densi quotes with last night episode :D

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